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The Game of War and a Path to Peace

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Portugheis explains how important it is for this criminal network that people be kept in constant ignorance of what really happens behind the scenes, the "peace talks", the "wars for peace", or the "war on terror", in order to protect itself and its profits and from the people who have no desire nor reasons to kill other human beings, which they have never seen in their life, have never done anything to them but, "somehow", have always been manipulated into doing so, throughout the millenias, by dark
and largely unseen forces, which have perfected over time the use of what is possibly the most famous legacy of the Roman Empire, the principle of " Dividi et Impera" - Divide and Rule. This book is a wake up call to a humanity who has been kept asleep and ignorant for far too long, and is daily paying the price for what is probably the most brutal expression of the legally organised crime, WAR. As such, it will not prove popular among those whose "30 pieces of silver", depend upon keeping the "wars for peace" going, or upon pretending to be "protecting us" from "terrorism".

We will ignore its message at our own peril.

London, UK, january 2009

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