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The Game of War and a Path to Peace

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Dear Ahed is a collection of radical but compassionate essays demonstrating the fundamental issues which underpin conflict. Interspersed with letters to a Palestinian, Ahed Hussein, who has suffered greatly from the effects of war, the author suggests a path to Peace.

Alberto Portugheis has spent much time in the conflict areas of the world. He demonstrates that through education and understanding the way words are used, a society could be created free from war. Portugheis, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2008, despairs that while we have a vast and expensive military machine, we do not even live in a child centred world.. ‘We have child soldiers, very young children drugging themselves with poisoning glue fumes, children caring for their siblings where parents are sick or disabled.’ He says,, ‘ I am aware that many of the world’s children live on the streets, have no education and suffer from stress and depression - especially those in the war zones. I am aware of the world that we have created for the child and cry at the horror, despair at the way our world is constantly at war abusing the child we should nurture’.

‘I write to explain why we have wars, why, despite the fact that nobody likes armed conflict, people of all nations tend to think war inevitable. I am trying to make people understand that with the brainwashing we receive, there will never be peace. War is made by man and man can be educated to exchange war for peace. We need a different way of thinking, a radical change of education, where the accepted ‘given’ is Peace’.

The book, with a Foreword by John Leech, is dedicated to Ahed Hussein and to all people who are seeking Peace and Truth. This is the Peace Proposal the World is waiting for.

Publisher: Opus Publications incorporating Opus Books and Opus Musica.
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