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Dear Ahed.....

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The Game of War and a Path to Peace

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Dear Ahed

1. No Matter Which Way I Turn

2. One God, One Country

3. Message of Christmas?

4. Lord Putnam and Bullying

5. Peace and Truth Seekers

6. Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

7. On Peace Memorials

8. On Power

9. War on Terror

10. Terrorists and Suicide Bombers

11 Full Spectrum Dominance

12. We Are All Born As People

13. Communism, Prejudice and Belief
14. The Un-jailed Bomber
15. Lines to a Poet
16. About Politicians
17. Human Rights
18. Hope
19. Paranoia, Truth and Journalism
20. Leftist Questions
21. Whose Child is this?
22. Politics and Religion
23. Children
24. Why War?
25. Notes to a Journalist
26. Bureaucracies, Fear and Strong Opinion
27. Education
28. Conversation with a Journalist
29. The Way I See Things
30. In the Beginning is the End

31. The Game
32. The Path for Peace