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The Game of War and a Path to Peace

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Through a passionate series of exchanges with a pen-friend, Ahed Hussein, Alberto Portugheis takes the reader on what is likely to be, for most people, a disturbing journey; a journey which takes an in depth look at what is arguably the most profitable business on the planet, the weapons and war industry. Through a combination of personal experience, careful analysis, and studies of its many elements, Portugheis uncovers the reality behind the many wars which we are constantly mislead into believing, by the many individuals and organizations who profit from them, but send others to fight, "just happen", or happen "for the reasons we are told".

Through the pages of this book, the reader will gradually understand that reality is very different, and that wars do not "just happen", nor they happen "for the reasons we are told", but are carefully and covertly planned and fomented, and that an enormous amount of people, whilst claiming to work for peace, and officially condemning wars, are involved in them, at many different levels, and contribute to them, with different degrees of responsibility, and profit. Without these many individuals, in many different areas of life, always willing to sell their souls, in exchange for their "30 pieces of silver", this gigantic criminal enterprise would not be able to exist; it would finally collapse and be archived as a sad and tragic memory of a barbaric past in human history.

These individuals can be found within organizations and groups ranging from Universities to banks, from politicians and diplomats to Royal families, from journalists to educators, from religions to the military, from secret services to secret societies, forming the incredibly vast, but covert, criminal network which is exposed in this book, for what it truly is, showing the devastating impact it has on the life of the many millions of unaware people, whose life is sacrificed to the Gods "Profit" and "Power", day after day.

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